Infographics to Keep Your Skin HEALTHY!

Remember puberty? Acne was everything that ruined your day. Despite one’s age, acne could still grow out of proportion. Luckily, there’s a healthy diet to prevent that.

Another problem you could have is blemished skin. I know all about that trouble. Blemished skin is often due to dehydration and a bad diet. If you want to lose weight and have better skin, follow this fast!


By now, you’d really want to go for something that would keep your skin healthy. Food for maintenance is everything. Include these in your daily diet!


Skin Care for Every Age

Still using the cream your mother gave you when you were 18? Here’s the beauty regimen you need at your age. The pictures (from a reliable online skincare magazine) are posted because we absolutely agree on their advise on skin care as you go though each decade.


Just because you are 20, you think that partying, drinking and sleeping late are all right. Youth is not an excuse to neglecting your skin. This is the basic regimen. Cleanse and moisturize (with SPF) during the day. Spot treatment could be optional based on your skin type and if there are certain skin conditions you want to focus on. Apply serum or moisturizer at night after cleansing.



The sun can be harsh and may take its toll on your skin. Exfoliating is the key and adding a good moisturizer can prevent the onset of fine lies and wrinkles. Retinoids may be applied at night to maintain the skin tone. But remember, at this age, hydrating the skin is very important.



You look in the mirror and you notice those claws on significant and visible places on your face. Your neck has more lines than ever. You may start using peptides to build collagen as well. Moisturizers that has glycerin helps retain moisture may be used generously.



Sagging becomes your dreaded adjective. Rejuvenating treatments can be considered but your regimen must include not only retinols and peptides but also amino acids. Moisturize moisturize moisturize! And simply using petroleum jelly is the cheapest way to lock in the moisture. In fact, petroleum jelly can be used at night to moisturize at any age.


Added to all these- live, laugh and love.  At any age, these are the ticket to naturally beautiful skin. Everything begins from within and the simpler we see and do things, the lesser complications to skin care.

Skin Care Beauty Tips

  1. Protect your skin from the sun

Protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun is the most important thing in skin care. It is the best natural skin care that you can do. Too much exposure of sun can cause your skin with problems such as wrinkles, age spots and others. You are also in great risk of skin cancer.

Here are ways in which you could protect yourself from the sun:

Use Sunscreen. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours and use the one with an SPF of at least 15.

Seek Shade. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Do avoid going outside in these times.

Wear Protective Clothing. When going outside and will be long exposed to sun, you should be wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wear hats.


  1. Don’t smoke

Smoking is dangerous to your health as well as dangerous to your skin. Smoking depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health. It can make your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles.

  1. Treat your skin gently

By treating your skin gently, there are things that you should avoid and limit doing.

Limit Bath Time. Long and hot showers remove oils from your skin.

Avoid Strong Soaps. Strong soaps and cleansers can strip oil from your skin. Choose only the mild ones.

Shave Carefully. Shave in the direction the hair grows, not against it. Apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving to protect and lubricate your skin.

Pat Dry. After washing or bathing, gently pat or blot your skin dry with a towel so that some moisture remains on your skin.

Moisturize Dry Skin. Moisturize your skin with the use of moisturizer that is fit for your skin type preferably the one that contains SPF.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and lean proteins. With this healthy diet, it is a sure way that can help your skin look healthier.

  1. Manage Stress

Stress is a common skin problem trigger. It can cause acne breakouts and other skin problems. It is encouraged that you should have a healthy state of mind, manage your stress.


BONUS Skin Care Tips:

  1. Use cucumbers for skin moisture
  2. 4-2-4 cleansing rule

For four minutes, cleans your face using an oil cleanser, while massaging. After rinsing, apply and massage with regular facial soap for two minutes. Lastly, rinse your face for four minutes using water, letting it air dry. Don’t use a towel.

  1. H20

For a natural skin care, water is the most important element in skin hydration. It keeps your skin healthy, moisturized and hydrated.

  1. Use the four key skincare components: a facial mist, moisturizer, mask, and sunscreen.
  2. Drink cabbage juice (yes, like, liquid lettuce) to keep skin glowing.




Why Hats, Blinds, and Long Sleeve Shirts Are a Necessity – And How The Sun Can Ruin Your Skin

The sun is considered to be a symbol of happiness and fun. Well, it is so because of the radiance that it brings, more so after a season of snow or rain that is lacking with warmth. There is a brightness that is just coupled with energy and vibrancy.

When we let reality speak though, the sun is a dangerous element, albeit very much needed as well. It gives us Vitamin D that helps us fight bad bacteria and helps build our immune system. These reasons by themselves prove that having some ultraviolet ray exposure will not hurt us.

But as what is popularly said (and sung), “Too much of something is bad enough.” And of course, the sun is no exception to the rule. Especially that summer may be around the corner wherever you are, for sure you are hyped up to go don your bikinis and trunks and set off for the beach with your family and friends.

We are here to offer up some advice, more so regarding your skin and its condition.

Now, it is common knowledge that the skin is the largest organ of the body. And it composing most of our anatomy, it is one that will be most affected if we do not give it enough care and attention. When you are out under the sun too much, especially at peak times like during noon, it can be very hazardous for you. An immediate reaction and result would be sunburn. It is most likely that you have experienced this yourself, even while just swimming a bit in the pool on your yard. Other effects include the skin’s drying, wrinkling and discoloration. The worst case scenario would be, what else, skin cancer. It is a common but serious cancer type that must be avoided.

That is why extra protection must be practiced. Supposing you are to head out on a normal, sunny day, you should never fail, even if it is to go out of your way, to use an umbrella or a hat, at least. If the temperature is not too much to handle, wearing long sleeve shirts can be an option as well. There are thin ones anyway, so they do not really bring inconvenience.

For your home or any other structure, it is important to take note of the windows too. They are openings that can let in sunlight easily and directly, more so without any coverings. Panes are mostly made of transparent glass and so, you need to cover them up to block any unwanted brightness to enter inside.

Installing blackout perfect fit blinds is definitely a wise choice because it is very convenient. You are able to control it according to your preferences. Say, you can open it up to enjoy some radiance but when the sun becomes unbearable, you can close it and go on with your day. Plus, these blinds provide privacy and safety to you and your family who is occupying the living space.

Always remind yourself: don’t let sun ruin your skin and health.

How Sunlight (UV Rays) Can Damage Your Skin

Being under the sun can greatly benefit you because primarily, its rays can help produce Vitamin D, which can aid in forming strong bones and can prevent serious diseases. And even some sunshine especially during the summer lifts up your mood, right?

Nevertheless, just like everything else, too much of something will kill you. Exposure to the sun and its ultraviolet rays can do more harm when it is too much. Excessive UV radiation can lead to skin cancers like melanoma, which is the deadliest type. Because of the penetration of both UVA and UVB rays into the skin, you become more prone to wrinkling and skin aging even if you are still young.

Several fair skinned people have this fetish for tan skin and so, they head over to their local beach or even their own backyard and lie down under the sun for hours. Some even set out to tanning salons. Little do these folks know that they are doing bad practices that damage their skin’s DNA. Again, these ways are harmful and they can result in skin cancers.

You may have experienced sunburn, skin reddening, and dry skin for once in your life and it did not look and feel nice, right? So, that brings us to delve into preventions and solutions to these occurrences.

Keep in mind that overexposure will not help at all. The best you can do is to be under the sun for about 10 to 15 minutes max. That is plenty as it is. When you are outdoors between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, always try to seek shade. Better yet, bring and use protective gear like an umbrella, a cap or a pair of sunglasses. There are sun-protective clothes that have ultraviolet protection factor or UPF that you can wear as well. Furthermore, dark and tightly woven clothing are better in absorbing UV light than light and cotton ones. And a popular remedy is the application of sunscreen. Sun protection factor or SPF from 15 onwards is recommended.

In your own home, you can counter the sun’s effects too. It is typical to have windows made of glass and the deadly rays can still penetrate and pass through them. You should use perfect fit blinds. You can control the entry of sunlight and even light from outside sources with it. Room temperature can be regulated as well. With blinds, you can protect you and your family from outsiders and you will have more privacy.

Even if the sun seems to be covered by clouds, do not be fooled. The sunlight can still infiltrate the clouds and can do damage to you and your skin. During winter months, it still pays to practice preventive measures because the combination of snow, wind and sun can be ruthless.

The main thing is, the sunshine can be destructive so always be alert and attentive. If you can stay indoors or in the shade, then that is better. Bear in mind that prevention is better than cure.

When to Consult for Weight Loss

weighing scaleHave you heard of the famous actors and actresses who suddenly died of a condition brought about by their desire to lose weight? Karen Carpenter is one of the famous singers who died of the complications brought about by anorexia nervosa – a condition where weight loss is not a recommended program. The strong desire of an individual to lose weight along with the idea that one still look fat is a dangerous combination. When you have tried almost everything just to lose weight, and nothing seems to fit, what to do next? Do you just give up and let those additional pounds pile up or do you look for another solution?

Weight loss is an issue not just for the weight-conscious individual but for the individual who is gaining weight dangerously for his condition. Losing weight has many benefits. However, not because a certain weight loss program had been very successful with your colleague does not mean it would apply to you. There are a couple of factors that needs to be taken into consideration when you enroll yourself in a weight loss program.

Losing weight varies from person to person. Some lose weight faster and easier, while others burn fat slower. A treadmill exercise may be effective for one, but may be hazardous to another. These are few of the many reasons why there are weight loss doctors, consultants and specialists as well as weight loss centers. This is to ensure that everyone is losing weight the healthy and safe way. Are you losing weight the safe way? Have you consulted a weight control specialist?

Below are the reasons when you should consult a doctor when you want to lose weight:

Pre-existing illness. You might have a pre-existing hormonal condition that interferes with the rate of your metabolism, which in turn affects the rate of your weight loss. A person who has problems with the thyroid should not try to lose weight without medical supervision – the effects could be life-threatening. In addition, there are individuals who seem to be healthy at first, have no manifestations of health problems, only to show signs and symptoms of their illness when they started exercising vigorously. This is one major reason why people who really want to lose weight should consult their doctor or weight loss specialist.

Over-all state of your health. There are many changes that come with losing weight – some desirable and some not. Though your main goal is to lose weight, there are a couple of things that you should also consider in losing weight like the beating of the heart, effects of losing weight on your gynecological conditions as well as its effects on your muscles and tissues. If you don’t consult a doctor, you may ensue an exercise that is not appropriate for your body. For instance, you do not feel difficulty of before but when you started jogging, you experience shortness of breath to difficulty of breathing.  This is an issue that should be addressed prior to any exercise program you enter.

Appropriate People who can Safely advise what you Need. The physician or dietitian is the best person who can really say that you need to lose weight or not. Some individuals are too conscious of their figure to the point of thinking (in an exaggerated manner) they are overweight – like the condition called anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is psychological condition that needs counseling and not a weight loss program.

Body Mass Index. Using Body Mass Index (BMI), the doctor can help you understand when your weight is classified as obese, overweight or slightly overweight, and hence prescribe you with the best method for losing weight. To compute for your BMI, measure your weight in pounds and your height in inches squared. Divide your weight by your height then multiple by 703 as the conversion factor. A tabulation table is consulted and from that table you can see if your weight is within the ideal range or not.

Safe and Expert Advice. A physician or medical doctor can provide you with the most beneficial way to lose weight without endangering your life. He is more capable to prescribe you with the most beneficial weight and diet supplements after taking careful consideration of your medical        history and body weight.

Losing weight is not something that you should decide immediately. It should not also be based on what a colleague recommends. It has many effects and these effects include risk for your health which may in turn affect your career, family and work life. Your over-all health should be taken into consideration to make it as successful and safe as possible.

How to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Losing belly flat is the no. 1 reason why most of us undergo weight loss. With our exhaustion to lose weight, most of us tend to do weight loss programs, use weight loss pills and do extensive fast weight loss plans. Aside from these things, you can opt to a healthier and natural weight loss. Natural method is the best way to lose abdominal weight.


1. Sleep

Whenever your biorhythms are off, you tend to eat more. When you’re tired you produce more ghrelin, which triggers cravings for sugar and other fat-building foods. Losing sleep can also alter your hormone production, affecting your cortisol levels that cause insulin sensitivity, prime reasons for belly fat. Getting 7 hours of sleep is good for your health as well as it do well in avoiding belly fat.

2. Short Burst of Exercise

Even if you are doing a lot of crunches, your fat will still stay there. It will only strengthen your abdominal muscles. Instead of doing crunches, do an exercise that would engage multiple muscle groups and work your cardiovascular system. Get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week – the best way to lose weight.

3. Sugar is Your Enemy

Sugar greatly cause belly flat. Reduce eating sugar by eating foods that contains protein, vegetables, whole grains, and replacing bad habit snacks with good ones. Getting enough fiber can also help. After all, fighting belly fat is 80% healthy diet.

4. Vitamin C

You secret more cortisol hormone when you’re under stress. Take Vitamins C like oranges, bell peppers, and kale or kiwi fruits. These will also help when you’re going through an emotional crisis, stress from work or a bad eating.

5. Eat Fat

To battle fat is to eat fat. You got that right. Not all fat foods can make you fat, rather certain fat foods can help you battle fats.

6. Slowing Down Your Breath

Everyone has stress. How you handle it matters. If ever you feel tense, slow down your breathing. You can also do some relaxing time with your friends and family, as well as meditating and exercising. Clear your mind and self from what is bothering you.