When to Consult for Weight Loss

weighing scaleHave you heard of the famous actors and actresses who suddenly died of a condition brought about by their desire to lose weight? Karen Carpenter is one of the famous singers who died of the complications brought about by anorexia nervosa – a condition where weight loss is not a recommended program. The strong desire of an individual to lose weight along with the idea that one still look fat is a dangerous combination. When you have tried almost everything just to lose weight, and nothing seems to fit, what to do next? Do you just give up and let those additional pounds pile up or do you look for another solution?

Weight loss is an issue not just for the weight-conscious individual but for the individual who is gaining weight dangerously for his condition. Losing weight has many benefits. However, not because a certain weight loss program had been very successful with your colleague does not mean it would apply to you. There are a couple of factors that needs to be taken into consideration when you enroll yourself in a weight loss program.

Losing weight varies from person to person. Some lose weight faster and easier, while others burn fat slower. A treadmill exercise may be effective for one, but may be hazardous to another. These are few of the many reasons why there are weight loss doctors, consultants and specialists as well as weight loss centers. This is to ensure that everyone is losing weight the healthy and safe way. Are you losing weight the safe way? Have you consulted a weight control specialist?

Below are the reasons when you should consult a doctor when you want to lose weight:

Pre-existing illness. You might have a pre-existing hormonal condition that interferes with the rate of your metabolism, which in turn affects the rate of your weight loss. A person who has problems with the thyroid should not try to lose weight without medical supervision – the effects could be life-threatening. In addition, there are individuals who seem to be healthy at first, have no manifestations of health problems, only to show signs and symptoms of their illness when they started exercising vigorously. This is one major reason why people who really want to lose weight should consult their doctor or weight loss specialist.

Over-all state of your health. There are many changes that come with losing weight – some desirable and some not. Though your main goal is to lose weight, there are a couple of things that you should also consider in losing weight like the beating of the heart, effects of losing weight on your gynecological conditions as well as its effects on your muscles and tissues. If you don’t consult a doctor, you may ensue an exercise that is not appropriate for your body. For instance, you do not feel difficulty of before but when you started jogging, you experience shortness of breath to difficulty of breathing.  This is an issue that should be addressed prior to any exercise program you enter.

Appropriate People who can Safely advise what you Need. The physician or dietitian is the best person who can really say that you need to lose weight or not. Some individuals are too conscious of their figure to the point of thinking (in an exaggerated manner) they are overweight – like the condition called anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is psychological condition that needs counseling and not a weight loss program.

Body Mass Index. Using Body Mass Index (BMI), the doctor can help you understand when your weight is classified as obese, overweight or slightly overweight, and hence prescribe you with the best method for losing weight. To compute for your BMI, measure your weight in pounds and your height in inches squared. Divide your weight by your height then multiple by 703 as the conversion factor. A tabulation table is consulted and from that table you can see if your weight is within the ideal range or not.

Safe and Expert Advice. A physician or medical doctor can provide you with the most beneficial way to lose weight without endangering your life. He is more capable to prescribe you with the most beneficial weight and diet supplements after taking careful consideration of your medical        history and body weight.

Losing weight is not something that you should decide immediately. It should not also be based on what a colleague recommends. It has many effects and these effects include risk for your health which may in turn affect your career, family and work life. Your over-all health should be taken into consideration to make it as successful and safe as possible.

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