What Type of Home Renovations Should You Do?

Once the list of work has been prepared, you can begin the construction of the renovations to be done. Make sure you have the necessary skills, depending on their scale. Here is a non-exhaustive list of renovations that you may have to do:

  • Partition demolition (if you want to enlarge parts)
  • Big work
  • New electrical installation standards (essential in case of resale) including bleeding and hardware integration
  • Installation of new insulation (for energy saving, acoustics and better moisture filtration)
  • Renovation of paints, floor coverings (tiles, parquet)
  • Renovation of roofs
  • For each renovation, you need the right tools, the right materials, the knowledge of standards (security) and rules (regional for roofing). A renovation is planned in advance and with full knowledge of the products used.

Here are some resources that should help you out when doing renovations.