Skin Care for Every Age

Still using the cream your mother gave you when you were 18? Here’s the beauty regimen you need at your age. The pictures (from a reliable online skincare magazine) are posted because we absolutely agree on their advise on skin care as you go though each decade.


Just because you are 20, you think that partying, drinking and sleeping late are all right. Youth is not an excuse to neglecting your skin. This is the basic regimen. Cleanse and moisturize (with SPF) during the day. Spot treatment could be optional based on your skin type and if there are certain skin conditions you want to focus on. Apply serum or moisturizer at night after cleansing.



The sun can be harsh and may take its toll on your skin. Exfoliating is the key and adding a good moisturizer can prevent the onset of fine lies and wrinkles. Retinoids may be applied at night to maintain the skin tone. But remember, at this age, hydrating the skin is very important.



You look in the mirror and you notice those claws on significant and visible places on your face. Your neck has more lines than ever. You may start using peptides to build collagen as well. Moisturizers that has glycerin helps retain moisture may be used generously.



Sagging becomes your dreaded adjective. Rejuvenating treatments can be considered but your regimen must include not only retinols and peptides but also amino acids. Moisturize moisturize moisturize! And simply using petroleum jelly is the cheapest way to lock in the moisture. In fact, petroleum jelly can be used at night to moisturize at any age.


Added to all these- live, laugh and love.  At any age, these are the ticket to naturally beautiful skin. Everything begins from within and the simpler we see and do things, the lesser complications to skin care.

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