Rules for Choosing blinds

Most of the blinds placed in the homes are roller blinds. However, inside the roller shutters, we can divide them between roller blinds of PVC and roller shutters of aluminum. The difference between the two is not always clear and many times customers have several questions about which to choose, so we give you 5 reasons to choose one or the other.

5 reasons to choose a PVC roller shutter

Price: Undoubtedly, this is the main reason for choosing this material, since savings are important, becoming 20% cheaper. This difference is that plastic is cheaper than aluminum and logically the difference is more evident the greater the blind.

Sun protection: One of the most important functions of a blind is the ability to protect from the sun and provide darkness to a room, in particular, therefore the roller blinds of Pvc fulfill their function, leaving the slats sufficiently folded to avoid entrance of light.

Most economical slats: In relation to the total price of the blind, in the case of having to change some slats, the price per unit will be cheaper than in the aluminum blinds.
Different sizes: Plastic blinds adapt to the size of any window.

A wide range of colors: When placing a new shutter or replace one blind for another, it is very important to take into account the color of our carpentry, since otherwise, we can have the blind of a color that has nothing to do with the rest of the window. As you can see in the company of our blind manufacturer. Both the aluminum and PVC blinds have a wide assortment of colors.

If you follow these tips we are confident that you can get the blinds you need. Read about how to adjust length of blinds at this site.